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Learning & Development Summit VII.
Serious Playing

Learning & Development Summit is the meeting point that ITOL organizes yearly for its public, made up of the four practice and learning communities: Human Resources, Learning & Development, Coaching & Mentoring and Organisational Design. Every year, the event attracts distinguished international guests and 100-150 participants: CEOs, managers, HR and L&D specialists, people interested in education and lifelong learning, in reconnecting success to learning.

The topic for this year’s Summit is “Serious Playing”. We wish to explore the latest trends and developments in L&D: digital and social learning, fostering creative thinking, “minds-on” learning and real time strategy making through the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and to have meaningful conversations about the next generation of business leaders.

31 March 2016 / Hotel Novotel



08:30 – 09:15 — Arrival and registration. Networking

09:15 – 09:30  — Opening. Introductory Speech.

Roxana Mocanu. Learning Practice Leader.

09:30 – 10:30 — Keynote Speeches. Serious Playing. Creativity and Innovation

Cristian Lupșa, Editor DoR

Stelio Verzera, Evolution Coach. Cocoon Projects – The Liquid Organisation 

Perry Timms, Founder & Director. People & Transformational HR Ltd

10:30 – 11:00 Networking Coffee Break

11:00 – 12:30  — International Panel. Next Generation of Business Leaders

Stelio Verzera – Evolution Coach. Cocoon Projects

Perry Timms – Founder & Director. People & Transformational HR Ltd

Martina Mangelsdorf – Managing Director&Founder. Gaia Insights

Paul Cărămidariu – Site Leader. Honeywell Life Safety Romania

Dan Berteanu – Managing Partner. Equatorial

Delia Andrieș, Evolutiv Consultants Network

12:30 – 13:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 – 14:20  — Equatorial Case Study. “It never gets easier. You just get better” – running the game based learning BAT Leadership Marathon

14:20 – 14:40 Networking Coffee Break

14:40 – 17:30  — STREAM I. Leadership

I. Leadership Development for Generations Y and Z – Martina Mangelsdorf (90’)

II. Serious Playing for Generation Y – Perry Timms (90’)

14:40 – 17:30 — STREAM II. OD

LEGO Serious Play for Real Time Strategy Making – Stelio Verzera (180′)



Perry Timms.
People & Transformational HR

Perry is one of the most visionary HR professionals you will ever meet, equally passionate of people and technology. His aim is to change the world of work; one conversation at a time.

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Martina Mangelsdorf.
Gaia Insights

Martina is a thought-leading expert on generational differences in the workplace and the founder of GAIA Insights, offering uniquely customized leadership development interventions.

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Stelio Verzera.
Cocoon Projects

Stelio is co-founder of Cocoon Projects and designer of the award-winning organisational model, now known as LiquidO™: The Liquid Organisation – a new breed of organizational model.

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Cristian Lupșa.

Cristian Lupşa is the editor of DoR (Decât o Revistă), an independent quarterly magazine covering Romanian social change, cultural trends, politics, and technology

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