Learning & Development Summit is the best meeting place of activists for learning, practitioners, leaders in business and people with new ideas, who are interested in performance in learning and in the future of organisations. 

Previous editions:

2016. Learning & Development Summit VII. Serious Playing

Date: March 31, 2016

The topic for 2016’s Summit was “Serious Playing”. We wisedh to explore the latest trends and developments in L&D: digital and social learning, fostering creative thinking, “minds-on” learning and real time strategy making through the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method and to have meaningful conversations about the next generation of business leaders.

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  • Stelio Verzera, Evolution Coach, Cocoon Projects
  • Martina Mangelsdorf, Founder Gaia Insights
  • Paul Cărămidariu, Site Leader, Honeywell Life Safety Romania
  • Dan Berteanu, Managing Partner Equatorial
  • Delia Andrieș, Evolutiv Consultants Newtork
  • Cristian Lupșa, Editor DoR


  • Keynote Speeches:  Serious Playing. Creativity and Innovation
  • International Panel: Next Generation Business Leaders
  • Workshop 1: LEGO Serious Play fo Real Time Strategy Making with Stelio Verzera
  • Workshop 2: Leadership and Development for Generations Y and Z, with Martina Mangelsdorf


2015. Learning & Development Summit VI. Invest in Our Future

Date: March 26, 2015

We explored the newest trends like: Social Media in L&D, Gamification in HR and Future of Work.


  • Perry Timms, CIPD Social Media Adviser
  • Lothar Wenzl, Consultant EODF
  • An Coppens, Gamification Design Expert at Gamification Nation Ltd
  • Elvira Kalmar, Chair EODF
  • Crina Ilie, Vice President Hiring, Training and Development, Genpact Europe
  • Dan Berteanu, Managing Partner Equatorial
  • Cristi Lupşa, Editor @ Decât o Revista 
  • Corina Gheonea, Learning Designer Universitatea Alternativă
  • Cristina Cristea, Business Developer Universitatea Alternativă
  • Roxana Tănase, HR Country Lead Microsoft


Keynote Speeches.

  • The Future of Work, Learning and the HR Profession– Perry Timms
  • Future Trends: The future of work can include some fun– An Coppens
  • Future Trends: The Future Organisation– Elvira Kalmar
  • The Freedom Centered Organisation– Universitatea Alternativă

International Panel – Invest in Our Future


  • Rewiring Development: Digital & Social Technologies Disrupting how we learn – Perry Timms, Ana Marica & Cătălina Contoloru
  • MegaTrends in Learning & Development. Crina Ilie
  • Rent a Team – Understand. Resolve. Grow. Cristina Cristea
  • The Energetic Organisations, Lothar Wenzl
  • Game Design for L&D Success, An Coppens 

Closing Remarks: Cristi Lupşa


2014. Learning & Development Summit V. „LEARNING without FRONTIERS IN ORGANISATIONS”.

Date: March 27, 2014


  • Learning without Frontiers
  • Investing in Emerging Futures
  • New Players New Games
  • Welcoming Metamorphosis

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  • Paul Tolchinsky, President EODF
  • Else Iversen, Partner, Copenhagen Coaching Center
  • Rosa Olympia Estrella. Indepedent choreographer
  • Mădălina Teodorescu, Manager Resurse Umane Avangate
  • Mihai Coca Cozma, General Manager Alico
  • Vlad Atanasiu, Learning Architect la Universitatea Alternativa CROS
  • Corina Gheonea & Traian Brumă, Universitatea Alternativă CROS


Keynote Speech. Prof. Dr. Paul Tolchinsky, EODF – Leading in the 21st Century: Leveraging Appreciative Thinking


2013. Learning & Development Summit IV. „How To stay On Top – High-Performing Organisations and Professionals”.

Date: March 28, 201

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  • David Clutterbuck, European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Andreea Pătraşcu, Orange
  • Dan Berteanu, AchieveGlobal
  • Diana Rosetka, AchiveGlobal
  • Marian Staş, Liderii Mileniului Trei
  • Vlad Bog, Microsoft
  • Radu Seuche, The Wide Circle
  • Vlad Atanasiu, CROS
  • Delia Andrieş, Evolutiv 

2012. Learning & Development Summit III. „The Learning Organisation”.

Date: March 29, 2012

The central theme – „The Learning Organisation” was under debate in the first part of the event, by a panel of international experts.

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