Traci Fenton

Traci Fenton, Founder & CEO WorldBlu

Traci Fenton is the Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, which has a vision to see one billion people working in freedom-centered organizations worldwide. WorldBlu was founded in 1997 and is the largest global network of companies committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace, with clients in over 80 countries globally representing over $30 billion in annual revenue.

Traci was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as a Top 50 Leadership Thinker, along with other world-class leaders such as Simon Sinek, Dan Pink, Brene Brown, and Marshall Goldsmith.

Traci developed the groundbreaking Freedom at Work™ model as well as the Freedom-Centered Leader™ certification programs and frequently coaches and consults with leaders of companies worldwide working to embrace a more freedom-centered model. Traci also developed the life-changing The Power Question™ Process.

Traci frequently addresses audiences around the world and has shared her message with individuals from over 100 countries at organizations such as Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, the CIA, South by Southwest, Harvard University, Yale University, the US Naval Academy, and at TEDx.

Traci has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Fortune, Forbes, theBBC, and dozens of other media outlets around the world as well as in over three dozen books.

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Roxana Mocanu, Learning Game Changer HR Enterprise & ITOL SoL

Educational entrepreneur (10 years) Founder of two companies: ITOL SoL & HR Enterprise, covering a niche in the educational market; positioning the  No 1 Human Resources vocational school in Romania: 408 students, 229 graduates, 101 workshops, 1032 teaching hours, individual study hours, 24 tutors collaborators, 3 Communities of Learning, 2 new annual conferences with 120-150 participants each and very inspirational content (Learning & Development Summit in spring, and Business Summit for HR in autumn).

Tutor. Trainer. Mentor (15 years) Designing, implementing and evaluating 6-9 months educational programmes for practitioners: Business School, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Coaching & Mentoring. Working as  volunteer mentor for Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, Universitatea Alternativă.

Human Resources Ambassador (10 years). Including my country on valuable international partnership maps: CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), ITOL, EMCC (European Mentoring Council), SoL (Society of Organizational Learning), EODF (European Organisational Design), EUWIN (European Commission Workplace Innovation Network).

Intrapreneur. Designing and founding the first vocational school for Human Resources practitioners in Romania within a local company:

Marius Stefan, CEO Autonom Rent-a-car

Marius Stefan is a Romanian entrepreneur passione about learning. After he graduated a MBA at Robert H. Smith School of Business at Maryland University, he came back to Romania and he developed multiple companies in retail, advertising and services.

Most of his time is spent at Autonom Rent-a-car. The company was built in 2006 and it developed with two figures per year. In 2017, it is the biggest rent-a-car company in Romania, with 41 agencies in 30 cities and with more than 1.500 cars on the road.

Autonom’ management system is based on strong values and autonomy. It is a fast learning company, which encourages continuous personal development for all the employees. It is the first Romanian company that was awarded Best Employers (Aon Hewitt) prize for three consecutive years (2014,2015,2016).


Cristina, Tirulnic, Senior Trainer EVOLUTIV

After more than ten years of experience in heavy industry and pharmaceutics, Cristina dedicated to her old pasion:people development and to her vision: making the world a better place. In 2011, Cristina joined EVOLUTIV team, where she created and implemented managerial development programs in Romanian organisations. Cristina is also coordinator of “Evolutiv Human Resources”, a ITOL UK certificate.

Cristina Tirulnic will facilitate a workshop named: SimTALENT ® TALENT MANAGEMENT, which will take you into the fascinating people potential journey which democratic organizations undertake in order to get the competitive advantage. It’s not easy, but fun and rewarding!


Dr. John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist GC Index

Dr. John Mervyn-Smith is Chief Psychologist @ GC Index, a new tool that  profiles an individual’s natural inclinations when it comes to making an impact and contribution to their role, their team and organisational function.

He has a PhD in Philosophy at University of London. Since 2007, Dr. John works with e.g.1 team, with whom developed the Game Changers Index.

WORKSHOP: Great People. Great impact. Great Organizations

How can HR drive performance that is needed for “business as usual” today and still leverage game-changing talent that will move our businesses forward to the future?

We’ve teamed up with The GC Index®, an innovative online assessment instrument, which has helped organisations worldwide improve performance and drive innovation by transforming their talent management strategy with a simple philosophy; “Not everyone is a Game Changer, but everyone can make a Game-Changing impact.”

The GC Index® informs individuals how they can best make an impact and contribution to a role, team or organisation. The outputs of The GC Index® at individual, team and organisational levels have proved extremely valuable to business leaders when linking their talent pools to real and actual business impact.

Cristina, Cristea, Sales Guru Universitatea Alternativa

Cristina dedicated her last 9 years building Universitatea Alternativa, a new education model that wants to change the system in Romania. She worked with youngster through mentoring, coaching and entrepreneurial programs.

In UA, students have a personalized learning journey, where teachers, mentors and peers are there to find the thing that they like and has sense for them. Universitatea Alternativa is the first Romanian Freedom-Centered Organisation, recognized by WorldBlu

Armina Dobrică, Senior Trainer,The Romanian Corporate Wellness Association

Armina Dobrica is the first trainer in Europe certified by the Corporate Health&Wellness Association and program manager for the Romanian Corporate Wellness Association. She’s a NLP Licensed Master Practitioner and a Silva Method practitioner.  She started as a financial coach, organizing workshops and one-on-one sessions for employees in large companies and in 2015 she took on the development of the association. She’s currently working on designing a complex stress evaluation and reduction program.

Marius Istrate, Chief People Officer, UiPath

Marius is a passionate software engineer, who has found a way to look up from the screen and understand what makes geeks like himself thrive within an organization.

While there might be no “secret sauce” for building a great team, kindness, humbleness and a consuming passion for technology are the traits strengthening UiPath’s culture. Knowing when to get out of smart people’s way is another mean of “walking the talk”, in a freedom-centered organization.

UiPath has grown organically: we are now the leading global Robotic Process Automation software provider, because the shared vision of liberating the human workforce from tedious, repetitive tasks provides a drive and a common understanding of the future of work.

In his talk, Marius will explain why it is important to nurture freedom in a workplace that deals with freeing others.